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Method 1: Create catchy content in a niche that is not over saturated.  The easiest way to get quality free YouTube subscribers is from videos that get organic views from YouTube or from Google.  You can also get quality subscribers for free from other social media forms like Facebook pages that are targeted around the niche you are trying to promote.  By creating niche specific headlines in social media accounts and by properly tagging the titles, descriptions and keyword tags, you can get videos that get a lot of quality targeted views and then views that will translate into subscribers for YouTube free.

Tips on how to tag content properly are as follows:

- using a keyword research tool such as Google keyword planner, target a specific niche that you are making videos for and type it into the search.  Get all the relevant keywords that are listed and compile them in the keyword tags.  Also create a good description with all of the keywords in the description as well.  In the title tag use the most relevant keywords that you want so that you can describe the video without obvious keyword stuffing or taking away from the video intent itself.
- once you tag the video properly, building a few backlinks to the video will help leaps and bounds in getting good organic listings in both YouTube and Google.  When building backlinks, sharing it to social media websites, directories, article publishing websites and other methods are recommended.

Method 2: Following on method 1, if you have done the proper tags for your video, you can also increase subscribers for free by boosting the view count.  If you have a video that is tagged properly and you can boost the view count, you can rest assured climb to the top of YouTube with a video that has more likes and views than others.  You can get likes and views by promoting the video to friends and family and by using social media.  You can also buy likes and views as well to boost you to the top of your selected niche as well.  Buying subscribers by themselves are usually not targeted but can help for overall channel visibility.
Method 3: Another method you can use for obtaining subscribers for YouTube for free is signing up for an exchange system.  This is where people post their own videos and you have to watch them for a certain amount of time after which you gain a credit that you can use to get subscribers and views for your own videos.  This method is hardly effective because usually shortly after you obtain the like or subscriber they drop from your account from being illegally obtained or just for the mere fact that the person who subscribed to your video doesn't really like it at all and just did it for the credit.

Method 4: This method is a very good way to get subscribers for your YouTube channel for free and it requires hard work just like anything else to get ahead.  What you can do is ask other YouTubers to help promote your channel.  It is called cross promotion and by doing so each time you cross promote with another person both you and that other person can benefit from one anothers views and subscribers.  So, reaching out to others in the same category as your videos and asking for help promoting is a great idea.  I myself have personally done this with others and it is a very fast way of getting more subscribers.  You can also do collaborations with other YouTubers to help you gain notoriety.  You can also offer to promote other peoples products and services as well.  When you do this and you branch out in category and start tagging videos with a wider array of subject matter you can get more views from different directions rather than just the main topic your channel is about.  Getting views from multiple sources is the name of the game.  You want to get as many streams of traffic to your YouTube channel as possible.

Method 5: Includes creating mass content in niches that aren't popular.  Creating audio from transcripts or just making unique content is a great way to get subscribers and views.  You can then use subscribers from niches that you are generally not that focused on to fuel your main channel.  There are a lot of not so competitive niches that you can make videos on to quickly funnel traffic from one channel to another.  You can do this as well with social media niches as well outside of YouTube.

To be honest the best way to make your channel relevant is to put in the hard work.  It will not happen all at once but it will pay off in the end as long as you do not give up and are consistent.  If you can go one day and get a few more views and subscribers than the day before and you keep doing that and keep evolving with your methodology, it wont be long before you have a booming YouTube channel with plenty of content and subscribers that will keep growing without you having to do much work at all long into the future.

Method 6:  You can get more YouTube subscribers free by joining groups on Facebook that are called "sub for sub" groups.  Basically in these groups  you post your video and ask other members to subscribe to your channel and in return they will do the same.  This is another method that is similar to the paid exchange but it is also fairly unreliable.  However if you are the creator of one of these groups, and you can get a lot of members or likes to one of these pages then you can get a lot of subscribers fast.

Method 7: If you are familiar with email marketing at all or using different types of software to help you market online then what you can do is collect by searching for YouTube channels and bulk emailing or messaging the creators of these channels and pages and requesting for a post on their page or channel.  This is similar to a link exchange as per when you contact a website to get a link on it and ties into the above method about collaborating.  The only difference here is using software to speed up the process in making the requests for you.  I personally have developed macros that aid in the process of doing this for me and others.  If you need help with this let me know by contacting me.
Method 8: Invest time in learning how to use a video editor.  This goes without saying but the more professional you are with your videos the more subscribers you are going to get.  The name of the game is keeping people entertained and the only real way that you are going to do that is by making videos that keep people focused on them without clicking off and then converting them to a subscriber.  It doesn't really matter about getting subscribers free or fast if you have a channel that doesn't produce useful or visually appealing content because no one will really stay that engaged if they are bored and will eventually un-subscribe.

Method 9:  Self promotion.  This involves promoting yourself to others in as many ways as possible and is essentially brand marketing.  You can do this by way of email, print, social media, fax, text or any other ways that you can think of.  For example, if you are a comedian or are someone who likes to make funny videos, then joining groups about comedy or funny videos and sharing them is an example of self promotion.  Just by aligning yourself with like minded viewers and others who are interested in the same things you are, opens opportunities to make connections that will take you in directions that can vastly improve your chances of getting viral quicker.

That about covers all the ways there are to get subscribers for YouTube for free.  I myself do have networks in place for those who are seeking promotion.  I have Facebook pages, groups and connections with other promoters who can help individuals like yourself become more visible faster but these methods are not for free.  If you have the budget necessary for jump-starting your channel I have definitely be of assistance.

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The same principles described above can be used for other social media marketing ideas.  We do offer other means of help with promotion as well including Facebook fans and followers.  We do offer email marketing as well as search engine optimization services for anyone interested as well.  We have different packages for each listed below for your convenience.
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